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Strangers to Sisters 8/8 - Complicated Mixture by MentalCrash

Strangers to Sisters 8/8 - Complicated Mixture


27 August 2021 at 14:13:47 MDT

New Addition to SomariaMoon's Strangers to Sisters set, gosh it has been quite a while.

So long that I think it's better to actually start nummering these, will make it easier to navigate.
Anyways, it seems like some years after the kids were born in the previous panel they fooled around with whatever spells we were originally using to regress each other, but this time not only regressing us, but also fusing us somewhat, or at least swapping enough features to pretty much turn us into twins, my Ankh Necklace and Somaria's hat being the only thing that helps distinguish us.

All the way our kids are just loving the spectacle off screen, those damn brats, I told you to keep the spell books well hidden... Or wait, did you tell me?

Previous Panel - Baby Bumps

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