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Growing up Hina Hana by MentalCrash

Growing up Hina Hana


Here's at last a combined version of a set LyhokoLeaci got started last year, since the last couple panels were added recently it was about time I got everything into a single pic.

In this set, Leaci's character Yuuno, has age regressed and racially transformed into her daughter, having to grow up again, with some added traits Yuuno has, such as improved vision, as well as growing faster and slightly taller once I reach adulthood again.

The name, as explained in the second picture linked below, it's a japanization of my name, Andrey Flores.
Andrey being an slavic variation of the greek Andreas which means uh... Male, as in Male Human Being, I know, it's rather funny. And Flores is spanish for 'Flowers'.

Translating both to japanese we get 陽菜 花, which is Hina Hana.

I'm both happy and sad to see this set concluded, it makes me wonder what I'll actually do after the final panel. And getting to see Yuuno more often, as most times she just happened to be off screen.

You can see the separated panels here:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Prequel Panel
Sequel Panel

EDIT: As time passed, Yuuno ended up picking up new daughters, the current list being as follows: