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My Own Clone! 2/5 by MentalCrash

My Own Clone! 2/5


16 April 2021 at 07:57:17 MDT

Second page of infuscomus Twinning Commission!

A Twinning set starring both of us serving as both and expansion and sequel to this 3 panel set he commissioned back in 2017.

Infus getting smol in this page :v

The text with emojis you see below the panel serves as some sort of commentary track, in spanish as I'm Chilean, here's a version without it, the translation for this page is:

Panel 1:
MC1: Aaww! look he's all confused!
MC2: Thats adorable!

Panel 2:
MC2: I'm so glad we found the video files of this.
MC1: I had thought we'd lost them.
MC2: Me too.

Panel 3:
MC2: Are you teasing him?
MC1: maybe...

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