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Flask of AGW 2.1 by MentalCrash

Flask of AGW 2.1


And here's at last the first AGW of the year! Stepford Wife time! Don't you just like the idea of having a so called "Perfect" wife? ... Wait, you wanna BE the Perfect wife?
Okay fine, well, this is the fragançe for you, this pic will serve as the explanatory sheet for the Stepfordization Event which will take place in the next stream, this weekend unless I have to deal with something unexpected.

This time the AGW was tested by Princess Caelia, in this pic commissioned by Kachopper9000

First Off, what is a Stepford Wife?

It is a common fetish concept, a 50s type perfect wife, from the chauvinistic point of view, an easily pleased housewife who wouldn't concern with anything other than taking care of her household and keeping her husband pleased. It can be refered at some subcategory of Bimbofication, though it's kinda specific.
Stepfordization of course means a character turning into a Stepford Wife, so strong willed characters would be prime targets, think something like this.

Here's a bunch of other examples, if you're one of these artists and want your pic off this example list just let me know: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

-For hair, just think a nice, femenine looking hairdo. If it's elaborate or not it's up to you.
-For bodytype, well endowed or not is up to you, just as it also looks quite femenine. Fat or Skinny is fine, whatever pleases her hubby.
-For mental traits, a Stepford Wife isn't really known for their intelligence, but they'd be quite good house keepers, cooks and husband pleasers.

Clothing and Accessories:
-A Stepford Wife would of course want to dress properly, whether to be a good house keeper or just to look pretty, so dresses are kind of a given. Unless your Stepford Wife is trying to look sexy for her husband.
-Other accesories would of course include jewelry, cheap or not is fine, not like a Stepford Wife would know.
-Other accesories would be housekeeping or cooking ones depending on what she's doing, washing dishes, dusting the furniture, vaccuming the floor, baking a pie, hanging the laundry, etc.

A happy household should have some kids, so if your Stepford Wife has been productive you can add some kids for her to be taking care of. A husband as well if you feel like a adding a classy hunk.

To Commission

Message me on Discord it makes things easier to chat through the instructions and send references.


The price will be 30 USD per character, meaning a before and after picture would cost 60 USD. Adding in too much detail though, with things like too many extra accessories will increase the price.

P.S.: I'll be increasing the prices per character to 40 USD in march, I'll be reminding it every time I make one of these posts.

STAY TUNED! I'll most likely make this event this weekend. Should there be any change on that, I'll make sure to let you know in advance.
Suggestions are welcomed if you have any ideas for the accessories and details.