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An Elevated Perspective 1 by MentalCrash

An Elevated Perspective 1


Tiiiiime for a new set of rewards, this time quite a far off extreme from what I tend to do I guess :v

Mmm... I guess it'll be fine for experimenting, but I can't tell for sure if this will be an habitual topic, anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... To summarize, this is a Weight Gain+Height Growth+Futanari set, I wouldn't want to risk you looking at the first picture without knowing what you're getting into :3c and, after all, you can just look this first pic as just a standard chubby pic.

Nassley is who you can direct your complaints to :y the height growth is also what explains why this first pic has such a large chunk of empty space at the top.

I did have quite a lot of fun drawing this though, don't get the wrong impression, plus I put a lot of time in some of the finer details, you'll see~

Anyway, enough intro, this is the first pic of four, I'll also upload a full version in an horizontal sequence.

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