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Pokemon Picnic Party 7/7 by MentalCrash

Pokemon Picnic Party 7/7


Aaaand here's at last the final addition to the Pokemon Picnic Party set, commissioned by Redmond17!

Starring, from left to right:
Kakae1459's character Kattie turned into a Lopunny
SomariaMoon turned into an Alolan Ninetales
Redmond17's Sandy Reswald turned into a Mismagius
H-exe turned into a Shiny Mega Gallade
Alsa-R turned into a Servine
TheUrbanLegend52 turned into a Bounsweet

A splash picture with all six transformed characters. Gallade H-exe trying to hit Mismagius Sandy, who's just mocking her... Well... Him, floating above H-exe.
Lopunny Kattie and Ninetales Somaria are just staying out of the way, looking worried, are they even going to be able to turn back?
And Servine Alsa-R carries Bounsweet UrbanLegend out of the way, both of them just too scared to stick around, they are after all the less evolved and likely weaker out of the bunch after all.

So this concludes this set of pictures, thanks again Redmond for commissioning it ;>

Part 1 - Sandy Mismagius
Part 2 - Alsa-R Servine
Part 3 - TheUrbanLegend52
Part 4 - Kakae1459 Lopunny
Part 5 - SomariaMoon Alolan Ninetales
Part 6 - H-exe Shiny Mega Gallade