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Pokemon Picnic Party 5 - SomariaMoon by MentalCrash

Pokemon Picnic Party 5 - SomariaMoon


A fifth addition to the Pokemon Picnic Party set! Commissioned by Redmond17.

Fifth one is SomariaMoon turning into an Alolan Ninetales, apparently more painfully that the rest, mmm... And Ninetales are supposed to be 75% female, I wonder...~

Part 1 - Sandy Mismagius
Part 2 - Alsa-R Servine
Part 3 - TheUrbanLegend52
Part 4 - Kakae1459 Lopunny
Part 6 - H-exe Shiny Mega Gallade
Part 7 - Splash Pic

Still one to go, who could it be? :>