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Pokemon Picnic Party 1 - Sandy by MentalCrash

Pokemon Picnic Party 1 - Sandy


24 June 2020 at 11:01:19 MDT

New Commission Time! The first part of a Pokemonification set for Redmond17

This first pic starring his character Sandy Reswald turning into a Mismagius after a Misdreavus posesses her.

What will the next sequence have in store? I dunno lol, we'll see as I get each part done, there's several so it's gonna take me a long while :v

Part 2 - Alsa-R Servine
Part 3 - TheUrbanLegend52
Part 4 - Kakae1459 Lopunny
Part 5 - SomariaMoon Alolan Ninetales
Part 6 - H-exe Shiny Mega Gallade
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