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Stream Batch 28 AGW 1.7 - Splatoonification by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 28 AGW 1.7 - Splatoonification


Splatittily Splatootily, here's a new sketch stream eventootily! The Splatoon Event, as usual asking the important question, or are you a kid? or are you a squid? I WANT AN ANSWER!

This is the 9th ofthe AGW Events, the other ones being:

-Hex Maniac
-Big Sisterification
-Girl Scoutification
-Sporty Girlification
-Cave Story
-HuCowification +
-Jinako Carigiri
-Winter Girl Scouts
-Venus Bodytype
-Cat Girls

This one was "Tested" by SomariaMoon and TheUrbanLegend52:


I increased the size of the canvas from 12500 to 15000 so I could fit everything in a single one, felt like it helped with all the colour splats, but that of course means the resulting 15000px file is heavier, so since 5000px was still an acceptable size for uploading that's the one I uploaded here, I keep all the .png files in MEGA though, in case you want the 15000px version, you can get access to that folder with the 2 USD Patreon Reward.

Really loved how energetic and colourful this event turned out, had to basically quickly learn to draw Inklings and Octolings though, aside from the example picture I had never drawn them before, but I believe the result was nice ^^

1º LyhokoLeaci was the first one in this event, turning their character Lyhoko Eruf into a inkling, keeping some of their Ancaron features such as webbed fingers and gills
2º TheRoseQueenAlexis commissioned themselves as an Octoling alongside Lordtombond's Xenovia as an Inkling, both sporting weapons from the game, though Xenovia doesn't seem as concerned as Alexis about turning back :y
3º OREOSOME commissioned their Ship OC getting shot into an Inkling, their ship parts turning to Splat Dualies :3
4º bub314159 commissioned herself turned into her Inkling Character, one of these several instances of the character just excited at the idea :>
5º animal-delos in her fallen angel sona is now an Octoling :v I guess these wings and tail are just ink splats now.
6º foxxa there seems to be some sort of combination of AGWs here! Renchu's female form Nina is now tall enough to just take lil' Syna's splaties away, and Syna keeps shrinking :v maybe it'd be a good idea for you stop shooting :3c
7º DismalDetractor & MonsoonDave damn Dismal, aren't you a klutz, that's black ink squid, and the most notable feature of black ink is that impossible to remove :U Dave is rightfully angered, though who knows, here's hoping she'll get used, both of them :y
8º MagnumLHawk does NOT look happy about being turned into an inkling, these beak teeth inklings have always looked scary of course :y Kid Then, Squid Now!
9º Mad-Hatter-Ison, as she says, was a Moo Cow in the last event, now being turned into an inkling, and getting to experience the weirdness of her Squid form as well :v Woomy!
10º CorruptiveJade simply asked for Alexis being turned into an Octoling carrying an ink roller, she also does look happy about the transformation :>
11º Candy-Sugargirl is also excited about being an Octoling, I mean it was never a rule that everyone had to be shocked about the transformation, wasn't it? :3c it is kind of odd that her hairtacles and ink don't match though.
12º torrez602 got shot into squid form mid phrase and then into a lil' Inkling, lol, that's enough to take anybody by surprise :y