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Flask of AGW 1.6 by MentalCrash

Flask of AGW 1.6


A new event is ahoy! And this pic will serve as an explanatory sheet for it, the HuCowification Event which will take place in the next stream, likely next weekend.

You can see an example of the effects of AGW 1.6 in this pic commissioned by AllenWalker88.


In this event the characters will be transformed into HuCows, AKA Human Cows, AKA Ushimimi, AKA Cow Girls, AKA 牛娘, the Artist Girl Water... Or is it milk this time I guess? Wait, how did you get it? Or is the Scout up to something again?

Anyway, you can see examples of HuCows by going here. They are supposed to be Kemonomimi Versions of Cows, no bulls in this set, so TG is basically a must for male characters.

It will work the same as previous ones, you provide a character, which can be yourself, an OC or any character from an established franchise, male or female won't matter, but they'd be transformed into a HuCow. Some Age Progression might be appliable depending on the character.


The price will be 30 USD per character, meaning a before and after picture would cost 60 USD. Black and white characters will be 20 USD per character.


There are traits listed below whether or not they’re obligatory, like most of the physical ones as well as the cow bell accessory, which can be coloured or customized at your leisure. Each HuCow must of course somewhat resemble their previous self whether or not that previous self is drawn.

-Cow Ears, Tail and Horns.
-Big breasts, anywhere from large to ridiculously large.
-Mild to very noticeable weight gain.
-Cow Bell

-Cow girl themed clothes, farmer overalls, cow spotted bikini, etc. Nudity is also an option.
-An ear tag, the colour of which is up to you
-Nose ring
-Hooves instead of feet
-Vacuum tubes or flask (See Extra Details)

Personality (Multiple can be selected):
-Easy going
-Horny (Pun intended)

Extra Details:
-Lactation is also an option in this event, whether it’s dripping milk going to waste, suction tubes or flask, the HuCow drinking her own milk or feeding a second character.

The Canvases that came out of this event:
HuCowification 1
HuCowification 2
HuCowification 3