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Thick Thighs Save Lives... Sometimes by MentalCrash

Thick Thighs Save Lives... Sometimes



Here's something delivered with four days delay... Sorry ^^U a birthday gift for the fabulantastic, (even though he's an argie) Mr. Danyantto, who, surprise surpise, wanted an Ochako, a strongfat tall amazonian Ochako Uraraka chokeholding Deku Midoriya with her thighs. So as the title says, thick thighs do save lives, this just happens to be an exception.

The characters are from My Hero Academia, for those unfamiliar with it Ochako has gravitational abilities, being able to make herself weightless and thus float, which explains the mid air choking.

I wonder how things are going to go with this pic tho, Danyantto draws pictures of Ochako all the time but he's been targeted lately by someone who keeps reporting them, I wonder if it's an isolated incident but recently Jackie-Jaw drew a fatchako for Dany and that one also got reported. Seems like we're dealing with a puritan, sucks that we have no way of knowing who it is.

Any way, should it come to pass we'll see about it, happy belated Birthday Dany from the river of silver hinterlands beyond the seas.