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Artist Girl Water Shelf by MentalCrash

Artist Girl Water Shelf


Here's a fabulantastic idea SomariaMoon gave me long ago, making a shelf with all the available AGWs and make a document listing all the effects so people can pic these with ease in non-event streams. A document you can read by clicking This Link.

For those unfamiliar with it or who don't really where exactly it started, it was initially this pic. Referencing the Belle Delphine 'Gamer Girl Bath Water' controversy from mid 2019, I simply put it into a Transformation Context, where the water would actually cause you to transform, initially into half twin versions of me, then into other stranger things. But by the time I'm first uploading this pics there are already 7 different variations of the AGW, and since you can still commission any of these on regular non event streams, it was a wise decission to make an easy to read document of the instructions and rules for them, so you can look it up and select the options whenever you feel like it. Here's the link for the document again, and thanks again to SomariaMoon for the help getting everything together.

Future AGWs will of course be added to this shelf pic, so it'll be of course constantly edited after a new one is revealed, you can also see there's some hint hint nudge nudge going in this pic :3c