Dee's hoard by MentalCrash

Dee's hoard


6 March 2020 at 22:45:03 MST

Oh my gawd, this took forever! And believe it or not the coins was what took the shortest amount of time, compared to the lineart and shading.

Anyway, after ten years in development, here's Dracos123's commission, starring quite the bunch of character on top of Dee's gold hoard, a nice commission/gift ^^

So, from left to right:

-Hikari, at the top, with starry fairy wings
-Dracos123's Dragoness Dee, smiling as Hikari boobhats her, Wyld hugs her and touching the top of Ellie's head with her tail.
-Bunnehwyld's Wyld in Rabbit form, tightly hugging Dee
-Ellie, with gigantic tits, sipping from a lamp/glass
-Malkaiwot in her little Imp form, holding Kotori's arms
-ShrinkyDinks's Kotori, being held or rather pulled by Malkaiwot, the smallest one of the picture, you may need to zoom in to full display to get a view of her :y
-Dracos123's Raya Sprite, holding her signature hammer, with Kotori on top of her head.
-Marnie, a HuCow, drinking milk off a large beer mug.
-Osakatan's Miyo, encouraging Marnie to drink.
-Kitsuna in her Rabbit form, tossing a pillow directly at Miyo's head.
-RedneckDemon's Rosa, sipping on wine while teasing Asmi's hip, is she drunk?
-Asmi, also with a glass of wine while looking nervously at Rosa.
-Lucky7even's Angel, on the right corner, looking at Asmi.

Many thanks to Dracos123 for commissioning, as well as your patience.