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Testing the AGW 1.2 by MentalCrash

Testing the AGW 1.2


12 December 2019 at 18:39:31 MST

First sketch from sunday and monday night's stream.

This one drawn as a Patreon Reward for TheUrbanLegend52, Adding in a new iteration of the AGW, the first one causing Twinning, the second one causing Nerdification, this one has somehow become cursed, causing "Hex Maniacation", Jon seems quite happy with the result though, and if he... Well, she, intends on spreading it I wonder how far we'll get, if you're interested in joining in the the group of Hex Maniacs stay tuned for the next stream and check the pic below to see how the event will work!

Flask of AGW 1.2 - Hex Maniac Water

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