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Young Dearing by MentalCrash

Young Dearing


Eighth pic from the latest Nerdification Focused sketch stream event.

OREOSOME's Miss Dearing is a 37 year old scientist, intelligent enough to realise the dangers of the Nerdification effects the flasks of AGW 1.1 had, and capable of removing said effect, but as with every evil invention there's a second trap waiting, it also causes age regression, and it just so happened that Miss Dearing used to be quite the nerd when she was in school, complete with braces, a complete set of oversized clothes, even glasses so large they broke at some point, and D&D paraphernalia. But hey, that means she can eventually go back to being her normal self, doesn't it? :v

EDIT: Sequel Time!
EDIT 2: Another Sequel! Or is it a side thing?

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