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Stream Batch 14-1 - Nerdification by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 14-1 - Nerdification


Oooooh boy, this was quite the sketch stream event, and thus has quite the title o:

The event serves as a kind of continuation of the Artist Girl Bath Water event I did for Sketch Batch 10.

About the pic, the idea of AGW was a play on Belle Delphine's Gamer Girl Bath Water, but with the twist of it causing Twinning when taken, the version 1.1 no longer causes Twinning, but it now has TG+Nerdification effects, as shown below when tested on guinea pig brave voluntary TheUrbanLegend:

Testing the AGW 1.1

The pic is also placed in the bottom middle of both canvases as you can see, so apparently I don't really care about any nasty effects the AGW may have :T

EDIT: There's been several events since I made this pic, you can see them all in the list below:

-Hex Maniac
-Big Sisterification
-Girl Scoutification
-Sporty Girlification
-Cave Story
-HuCowification +
-Jinako Carigiri
-Winter Girl Scouts
-Venus Bodytype
-Cat Girls

So with those two lil' explanations out of the way, here's what happening in the actual canvas:

1º Nassley went from a kind of cocky, short tempered, confident strong girl to a veeeeery fat, shy, pale gal with a stutter, poor thing, she looks so shy, her pale skin also indicates she doesn't go out much :v
2º xtsnami went from a nicely tall, lean, well dressed and groomed beauty who isn't really exactly sure if what she's holding is porn to a short, chubby slob with greasy hair, dirty clothes and hairy thighs reeeally into that type of... Literature.
I gotta give it to Nami, she went with a nice complete opposite for her character, the hairy thighs was an option I had pointed out but no one else took it :>
3º IrateResearchers Fem Xavier seemed to have realised there was something off with the AGW 1.1, but by then it was too late, her nerd self is a short, chubby yuri crazed otaku, actually asian as well, her former orange hair is now brown with a poor dye job :v
4º Redmond17 Red turned into a shut in videogame addict, also a Homestuck enthusiast, but lacking the skills to properly apply that gray make up, she even got some on her hair :v
5º AllenWalker88 Ended up a little pipsqueak otaku girl trying to do some Black Clover cosplay, but she's now too short for the shoulder cape to fit properly, and she lacks hairstyling skills as well from what can be clearly, poor thing, that has got to hurt :v

The Second Canvas