Testing the AGW 1.1 by MentalCrash

Testing the AGW 1.1


19 November 2019 at 10:41:06 MST

Second sketch from saturday/sunday's stream!

A Patreon Reward for TheUrbanLegend52

He and I had been talking in Discord through october about getting new events done in future sketch streams, events like the AGW Twinning Event, amongst these ideas was making a nerdification/hikikomori/fujoshi TF type event, and UrbanLegend gets to be the guinea pig :y he... Well... SHE looks a bit confused, and tired, a yaoi addicted fujoshi, but eh, I don't mind it much, if people are up for it the AGW 1.1 will be distributed in the next Sketch Stream :y

The idea for it will be to have a list of nerdy traits you can pick from like the twinning traits in the previous AGW event, things like extra weight, braces, buck teeth, nerdy haircuts, clothes and pass times like D&D, Manga, Yaoi, etc. as well as untidyness/unkemptness of different types. The characters elligible for it can be either yourself or characters from existing franchises.

The Full Canvas

EDIT: What came out of the test

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