Megy Sitter by MentalCrash

Megy Sitter


9 October 2019 at 22:57:36 MDT

First of the traditional commissions at last! Finally got enough time to work on it today, I've been visiting family and friends non stop since I arrived :V

This one's for Malkaiwot, starring his characters Meg, who had drank a youth potion, seemingly by accident, and Sally, now having to take care of little Meg.

Meg isn't any mad about the situation tho, which makes me wonder if it was indeed an accident :3c But Sally doesn't seem to enjoy being a baby sitter, not a big deal though, since Malkaiwot made sure to clarify the regression would be temporary (Boooooooooooh), but Sally couldn't have little Meg going around wearing her baggy adult clothes, or could she? 0:

I gotta re-check my 0.5 inking pens before I get around working on the next commission, this one had waaaay too much bleeding, and dayum this shitty little netbook I brought with me makes it hell to work with these pics or indeed do anything, it takes forever to load any bloody thing, once I'm back in Spain I may try and get a better version of the photo.