She's a Natural! by MentalCrash

She's a Natural!


18 July 2019 at 08:19:44 MDT

Fifth sketch from the batch of sunday/monday's Stream.

Quite a natural indeed, lil' ballerina SomariaMoon, this one's once again kind of confusing to put as before or after in the Time Spells timeline, what's clear is that young ballerina Somaria is really loving her ballet classes, and I'm so super duper proud of her ^3^

Here's the other pics from this set so far, can go before or after, really, is what happens when you add in time spells into the mix :V

The other panels:

Proper Care - Pampered Revenge

Young Mother/Little Girl
She's a Natural - Bedtime Tale

Final Panel, Balance
Unexpected Sisterhood

EDIT: And a Combined Version with all the pictures:
Strangers to Sisters