Sketch Batch 08 by MentalCrash

Sketch Batch 08


16 July 2019 at 18:21:08 MDT

A new sketch batch! From sunday and monday's stream!

1º TFloving Requested Babynetta! Por lil' Bayo hasn't realised her pendant is now just a flat logo on her diaper, could have maybe been caused by the lollipop?
2º BunnehWyld and foxxa are having some comfy rest, Wyld in particular is extra comfy since she gets to rest on Kitsuna's fat but comfy belly. They're dressed as Sailor Mercury and Jupiter, maybe they were cosplaying?
3º H-exe Poor sweet Helen, she first seems to have gotten turned into a 5 years old, but the transformation doesn't stop there, will Helen has to grow up again as a Ralts? At least seems her former Gardevoir may take care of her.
4º Nassley has apparently gotten used to being a super fat woman, Gordia, the ghost is also quite please with the result, I don't think Nashley can go back to being a boy anymore, and if she does she'd probably keep the fat, but hey, she looks happy, it's clear she would rather stay like that :V
5º JJWcool asked for a category I hadn't gotten the chance to draw before, Nerdification. What happens when a jock gets his... Kind of wish, granted. It what fun stuff to draw it, I definitely want to try it again sometime :>
6º SomariaMoon Is once again my lil' girl, on now she's around 7 or 8, getting her first poses as a my lil' ballerina baby.