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Sketch Batch 07 by MentalCrash

Sketch Batch 07


Oh lolz look at that, it's another batch of sketches of yesterday's Stream!

1º Geistis apparently kept on regressing a bit further after going from 34 to 2 years in the previous pic. But, my MILF version found him failry quickly, don't worry little Scott, we'll find your mommy... If not I could always adopt you, I already deal with a certain lil' chocobo, we could make some room on her crib for you too.
2º TurboSalt AKA Levi, AKA Cute Little Rat, apparently didn't get the memo that when you shrink down to about pocket size, you should maybe not eat the same amounts of food a regular size person eats :V don't worry Levi, you're still cute, just puffier.
3º Sorry55 Asked for a sequel to his previous commissioned comic "You Don't Deserve To Be Happy", seems like Nick, or Nikki, got her boyfriend TGed as well. Did Nikki deserve to be happy? Well at the very least she didn't deserve to be mistreated by her father and be told hurtful thing by the guy, but hey, maybe he has drunk the TG concoction just once, in which case not only will she turn back into a guy, he'll create a resistance to it, that unless she doesn't keep on drinking it of course, and it seems apparent Nikki hasn't told her how the liquid works :y
4º Nassley Asked for a Mid Stage for his commissions on previous streams, This being the Before, This being the After, so this would be a middle stage, the ghost lady has just entered Nash's body, he's already looking femenine and it's obvious he's also looking fatter, how long is it going to be until her clothes rip into shreds? :3c
5º comvFR Asked for a simple scene starring Valentina from 'Is It Summer Yet?' and himself playing videogames, considering's Vale's choice of clothing I guess it'd be fair to assume it's already summer :y And she changed her haircut, does she look good with that length? :>
6º JJWcool Asked me not only being shrunk down, someone is ripping off my clothes to make wear a doll dress, who's that! >:V I ain't wearing that! No way!
7º IrateResearchers has been TG+Shortstacked :V Xavier has become the tiny Lady Marian, member of nobility. It was funny seeing on the stream chat how many people said they'd willingly drink that tea, would you? :3c
8º SomariaMoon has gotten her revenge! >:V I don't know how but my little sweet bundle somehow managed to swap ages with me and now she's the Fully Blossomed Mommy and I'm the baby, wearing a Moguri Onesie. I would try to fight back, but it's all... Sooooo... Soooooooooooooothiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing... Zzzzzz...