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Sketch Batch 06-2 by MentalCrash

Sketch Batch 06-2


Second page of the batch of sketches from last night's (and today's) stream!

1º XXLPlakat Isaak Wolfram has got himself a magic coin! (cursed to be more specific), Was it head or tails? I don't know if it matters, but well, she'll have to get used to being a cute shortie pretty princess now, maybe the transformations includes a kingdom?
2º Jaker17 requested a simple "Before" scenario to the TF TG Succubus scene he requested on the very first sketch stream. I retitled that pic with a 04, meaning there'll most definitely be more scenes in the future :y Angry Magic Noises
3º SomariaMoon was messing around with time magic! And this... is... What you get? So I got affected too? You better be a perfect little cutest bun... Okay okay, I'll get used to take care of you, little sweetie pie. FUCK, I wanna sound threatening, not motherly, you did this to me, my dearest little baby~
... Did I get the MILF bodytype right this time?
4º Poke789 asked for his Pokemon Trainer OC, named Axel, bodyswapping with his Staraptor, that poor Staraptor in a human body, try to flap around with human arms, lol :v

Here's the other canvas