Relax, You'll be used in No Time by MentalCrash

Relax, You'll be used in No Time


14 June 2019 at 20:10:58 MDT

Seventh and last sketch in the order I drew them from yesterday's stream:

Starring myself and as it turns out the Cowness is contagious, and I got her right into it. She'll be alright, the sudden extra features and ton of newly gained weight can feel terrifying at first, but just mooing together a couple times and she'll be just as docile and happy as I'am... I'am? Oh Mooooooooooooo God.

Funny this got people so hooked, while drawing it there was another viewer thinking about getting maybe a pic with MrSebi, me and a new HuCow next time I stream.

Woooould you like that?