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Sketch Batch 03 by MentalCrash

Sketch Batch 03


From Last Night's stream:

As said in the previous pic I'll now just be naming these with numbers, I divided this batch in two pics since there where too many for a single canvas, I'll get around posting separated versions once I've had some well deserved sleep >3> Has fallen prey to the HuCowness, wait, is it contagious? Oh my god, it seems like it, and I got her right into it. She'll be alright, the sudden extra features and ton of newly gained weight can feel terrifying at first, but just mooing together a couple times and she'll be just as docile and happy as I'am... I'am? Oh Mooooooooooooo God. a simple ALT version of TheUrbanLegend52's previous comission starring himself being TG+ARed into Tiki from Fire Emblem, now with the added bonus of Dragon Wings ripping her clothes apart :V commissioned a Before and After Age Regression pic of Brigitte from Overwatch, the poor thing, she was doing so fine lifting both weights at once, now she can't even lift one no matter how hard she tries, well... Maybe in like 15 years from now:3c commissioned another pic starring myself, this time as Hellboy... Hellgirl... Hellcrash? Wait, what name should I pick? I feel like taking the name Hellgirl might be kinda unwarranted, what do you think?

The other canvas can be seen here: