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7 May 2019 at 14:17:03 MDT

Been meaning to do this pic for a while. For those who haven't known me for long, Carola is a character I created back in 2008. Back when I still used a different account here.
I've drawn her several times since, in comics with my ID, fetish set pics and such, but I hadn't done just a regular pic of her since this one in 2013, with the same title. I may do a "Draw this again" thing with both pics.

So who is she?

Basically her story was a sci-fi/fantasy type, in which she was one of four protagonists, the story was called "Spoiler", later renamed "Caelus", it involved metahumans with the similar backset premise to things like X-Men or Heroes, people with superpowers who were constantly hunted. Only the characters in Caelus weren't by any mean superheroes, as usual I liked to put the characters in a relatively realistic world by having them being actively hunted and investigated. Meaning they'd have to defend themselves by any means.

Carola's abilities was a dimensional portal of sorts, located directly on the hair of her head, from which she could pull weapons, tools and creatures, all of a bizarre nature and purpose, it's why in most of the comics I've drawn her in she's using said tools for TF purposes.
As a person, she's a jokester, kinda dickish, selfish and tricky, and at certain points would do things out of a completely insane point of view. The point of her character was to be a personification of Chaos itself, a combination of elements from the classic version of Greek Chaos "A dark and silent void from which all things originate" and the seven "Endless" characters created by Neil Gaiman, which personified seven elements of the life of humans.

I guess I may draw the other three protagonists again sometime, but Carola always turned out to be my personal favourite of the bunch, and basically my personal favourite out of all the stories I had created. Because of the type of personality I had given to her.

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    So bayonetta.

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      Mmm, I guess kinda, though the things she pulls from her head aren't made of hair.