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Two Thousand Nineteen by MentalCrash

Two Thousand Nineteen


The year's off, again

I guess this year went more or less... Normal I'd say? I got to travel again, to Northern Ireland, it was fun. Things weren't bad, some things went sour with some of my family, a few people I've told about know the whole story.

My style overall hasn't evolved as fast as, let's say, the difference you can see from 2011 to 2014, but from 2015 to 2018 you can certainly see some details getting more care than before, small things which make the larger picture. The way I like to do things.
Still there are more things I'd like to perfect in my work this upcoming years, I'm reaching again that occasional stage on every artist where I think some of my work could really use some improvement, but it goes as in I make 1 picture which I really like, then one I don't like at all, then one which I really like some aspects off but other aspects are really off. I'm not talking themes here, it's strictly about technique.

Overall, it was a good year, relatively quiet I guess, managed to advance 'Is It Summer Yet?' ( ) much more than usual, and that's always nice. I really want to keep that pace going faster now in 2019, like in page 84, which I submitted recently, there are some other scenes I really really wanna get to.

Oh, and milestones, there's the recent Kiriban ( ) too, dayum, I recall making my first one at 33,333 ( ), back then I was actually shocked I was getting that many pageviews. I know deviantART might be a relatively small website in the larger scheme of things, but it's nice to get to celebrate even for these sort of things once in a while.

So mmm... New Year's Resolutions? About myself I don't really know, I have certain things planned for a while now, I don't think I'll set myself some sort of real life goals. Except when it comes to art:

-Make more than 23 pages of IISY per year
-Bring back my secondary characters like Carola, Sylfi and my Bunny ID
-Get once again to that level of "Liking most of the things I do instead of half of them".
-Make more vids, as I had intended to months ago, both youtube vids and streams, dammit.

And that'd be it. My family issues can't really be helped at this point, it was something that happened with my brother and some issues my sister's been having with my parents, can't be helped, gotta just move on.

And I'm not that drunk, I think.

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