BBEGM Encounter by MentalCrash

BBEGM Encounter


29 December 2018 at 17:48:30 MST

Here's the first of the prizes from the Kiriban Contest I made to celebrate the 4,444,444 visits:

The winner of this prize is starring (from left to right) her character Sunie, half dragoness Dee and Wyld.
"BBEG" usually means 'Big Bad Evil Guy' in D&D or the like, but Wyld is a Game Master/Mistress, so it could be read as 'Busty Bunny Enchanted Game Mistress', either way seems fitting, she's the Big Bad Evil Girl in this pic after all >3> I guess the moral of the story is "Don't trust ARing Magician Anthro Bunny Girls", make sure to remember that.

Yeah foxxa, I know we had arranged that Wyld only appear on a single small panel but I felt like drawing her a couple extra times :V