Is It Summer Yet? - 079 by MentalCrash

Is It Summer Yet? - 079


17 December 2018 at 15:43:24 MST

Time for a new update! The last update of the year, I've been hard at work for like 10 days straight I think, making sure to advance as much as possible every day, it was tough, but since christmas is nearly a week away I really needed to get the new pages ready >3>

In the previous batch I had mentioned that I wanted to update the comic possibly twice before the year was over, but I think a single update with more pages was a better idea.

Anyway, about the page, I've been looking forward to draw Christine with that expression of shock for quite a while :y

I mean it's warranted, she had cut Charlie's hair very short the previous day, now it's dragging through the floor, if you were in her shoes you'd be bound to go O.O

Aaaaand finally got around adding into the comic the idea people had been mentioning for quite a while now, that Charlie should try selling her hair.

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