Kiriban 4,444,444 by MentalCrash

Kiriban 4,444,444


2 December 2018 at 09:04:55 MST

For my deviantART page of course ( ), it's uuuh... It's Four Million Four Hundred Fourty Four Thousand Four Hundred Fourty Four


It's the Guido Mista paradox I guess. It has been 7 years as indicated, I took a look at the stuff I used to draw in my previous account Angeldhan ( ), everything on it seems far away now -3- it's also a good example of improvement I guess, some of my first digital drawings were... Well, they looked like something done for the first time should.

My cartoon from 2011 also looks like a different person entirely, but that's how I used to look, one of my first pictures in this account was actually an ID like it.
So this includes mmm... Age Regression, Weight Gain, Kemonomimi TF, Bimbofication, Ponyficiation and Trapification, a wide spectrum, lots of fun :y
I wanna bring up both my characters and bunny ID more often, specially Carola, if you look at my other account you can see I used to draw her aaaaall the time.

Anyway, here's to everyone who made this milestone possible, thank you super much for visiting my gallery over and over >3<