Cheesecake Addiction by MentalCrash

Cheesecake Addiction


21 October 2018 at 07:15:34 MDT

This had been half suggested half just talked through in 4chan a while ago:

Seven of Nine, from the show Star Trek Voyager, is a human who was captured and assimilated by The Borg when she was still a child, so she didn't get to experience regular food again until she was disconnected from the collective as an adult.
She does still have some Borg implants though, like her eye and hand pieces, in the episode "Body and Soul" in the seventh season of the show the doctor of the ship, a solid hologram, gets downloaded into her body and controls her while the ship is being raided.
The Doctor being an holographic lifeform (usually called EMH), had never experienced being in a real body before, that including things like breathing, touching, and of course, tasting, the first type of food he tries is Cheesecake, with results you can... Imagine: