Is It Summer Yet? - 076 by MentalCrash

Is It Summer Yet? - 076


3 October 2018 at 14:58:06 MDT

Yes, I often make my characters suffer emotionally, it is bound to happen, it is quite an overwhelmingly stressful situation, but it's something I really didn't want to gloss over with this type of story.

Adding the the text to the tabs took forever, even if it's regular font I still had to make sure everything matched up like in a regular website.
I invented a few pages and places of course, that university's name I believe actually exist, but I took the GSM off of a school I attended to during elementary, and the BluBook thing from this page and the previous one... Well, it's a reference, there are other easter eggs in these pages you might want to search.

I also made sure to hide Charlie's last name, it's something I actually never intended to give him, I want to make this comic, for the most part, international, and last names migth limit that a lot, it is visible in this page though, but it's of course written in my made up alphabet.

You may have also noticed Charlie doesn't have profile pictures except for the university one, you can call that a lucky coincidence.

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