Is It Summer Yet? - 070 by MentalCrash

Is It Summer Yet? - 070


16 July 2018 at 00:09:38 MDT

Time to update again o3o

C'mon Charlie, you'll look adorable as a waitress, and finding a job that easily and with such good compagination conditions for your studies hardly ever happens nowadays :U

So Robin, aka Kaaskop has known Vale for a while, and she's a sore loser :y I don't think she's particularly bad at playing games, since otherwise she'd be sending angry messages all the time, but Robin just happens to be better. Robin is also cool enough not to get intimidated or angry by Valentina's teasing.

And wait, apparently there are advertisements for TFSubmissions's Lana Inc. ( ) playing in the background, as well as Sbalio's Jessica, what the hell? :V

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