Is It Summer Yet? - 067 by MentalCrash

Is It Summer Yet? - 067


30 May 2018 at 19:53:09 MDT

Welp welp! Amidst the whole thing with the current journal I posted a few days ago discussing the new commission batch, patreon reward changes and the IISY crowdfunding, I guess the mention of the crowdfunding motivated some new donations, so here's page 67 thanks to all the supporters. The crowdfunding does need some extra talking though, since I'm planning on either drop the price or drop the crowdfunding system entirely, go here: if you wanna read more about it.

This one is more of a facial expressions analysis during the first half of the page I guess :y

As I had mentioned on the cover of this new chapter though, this chapter will have a good amount of focusing on the paperwork issues Charlie will have to deal with, while I won't go in extreme detail I don't want it either to be something that's just brushed over, specially since the idea of the comic so far has been to show a rather realistic approach of Charlie's emotional reactions.

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