Is It Summer Yet? - 065 by MentalCrash

Is It Summer Yet? - 065


28 March 2018 at 11:50:39 MDT

Here's page 65! I'd first off would like to thank the donators, the crowdfunding system has been slowly picking up. Though since it was taking to long between the updates I decided to upload both of the final pages of the second chapter.

So, as I had said in the description of the previous page, I didn't really want to make Charlie into the typically bullied kid at elementary, he was just kind of a loner, and had some difficulty opening up to people, while Chris instead was much more willing to talk to others.
The fact Christine' eyes and her (back then, his) little pin badge are displayed colorfully is intended to show those memories as memories usually work, we fixate on details and characteristics of each person, and since Chris is always wearing something with an strawberry themed thing then it was obviously the best thing to add.

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