What if... Extroverted by MentalCrash

What if... Extroverted


6 March 2018 at 07:53:12 MST

Finally back on track with some Patreon Rewards :U, Another TG sequence for the 'What if...' set requested by https://h-exe.deviantart.com/

This one going from english speaking guy wondering about what would things be like, to extroverted Haitian French Creole speaking girl contacting a friend via phone who... Doesn't really understands her anymore :y

The hair took quite a bit as you probably guessed.

Here's a translation of the panels written in french:

  1. Now this is inattendu... : Now this is unexpected...
  2. Oh man, I gotta dise ça à quelqu'un! : Oh man, I gotta tell someone about this!
  3. Carlos, tu ne vas jamais croire ce qu'il vient de se passer!! : Carlos, you would not believe what just happened!!

There are more parts of this set, where he's being turned into:

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6º An extroverted Creole black girl
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