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Contagious Magic - Ochako Uraraka by MentalCrash

Contagious Magic - Ochako Uraraka


A continuously growing set, made of Patreon Rewards requested by

The main point of the story being an age regression spell becoming contagious and speading to several different girls

The characters as they appear in this set are:

1º Taylor Swift -
2º Ariana Grande -
3º Katy Perry -
4º Wonder Woman -
5º Zatanna -
6º Harley Quinn -
7º SuperGirl -
8º Jetstream -
9º Me -
10º Esmeralda -
11º Belle -
12º Elizabeth -
13º, 14º and 15º The commissioner TFLoving and 2 characters of his -
16º Kim Possible -
17º Sierra -
18º Ahri -
19º Ruby Rose -
20º Pyrrha -
21º Yang -
22º Weiss -
23º -
24º Widowmaker -
25º Mercy -
26º Momo Yaoyorozu -
27º Ochako Uraraka

You can read the story as it's currently going right here: