Fish of the Setting Sun by Menageriecat

Fish of the Setting Sun


24 January 2015 at 17:23:51 MST

Behold, my art child, my mural "Fish of the Setting Sun". Of all the work I've done throughout my university years, this was the most challenging, physically exhausting project I've yet taken on. I began this project for a diploma works prep class I was in. Initially, the project was supposed to have two people assigned to it, but it ended up that I was the only one who had opted for this project. It turned out to be semester long learning experience to say it softly!

This elevator mural was specified to have two junior art majors working on it due to the fact that it was a HUGE task. I ended up being the sole artist on the project. I spent January-March learning about commissioning murals, ads, banners, etc, how to price them, the technical aspects of: ordering the correct amount and colour of paint, ordering proper, large brushes suited for the job, negotiating with the client, making sufficient sketches for the client to choose from, and most importantly, time.

With the three month hold up for learning the process, it left me only 4 weeks to complete the mural, which was rather insane! Luckily, my fine arts professor helped me throughout the process and even taught me how to take in extra help and divvy out tasks! I turned into a manager of sorts, showing my awesome assistant how to work the paint and use the proper brush stroke methods. I owe much, much thanks and deep appreciation to my professor and my then sophomore assistant for helping me tackle this mammoth elevator mural!

2012 relic!

Art © Margo A.

You can still find this mural in the service elevator of my university's art department!

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