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28 March 2016 at 15:34:05 MDT

Whew, this painting took me a couple months to complete, but it's finally done and ready <3 This digital photo doesn't do it justice for all the detail and color in the physical piece, but I hope you all enjoy this regardless for the conversion <3 One of my most favorite commissions to work on over the course of the last 6 months!

The mountains are my favorite part, and the sky as well (which was super fun to paint). Painting the firewood made me remember how my dad collects firewood every summer and fall to last thru the winter, and when he was away at work, I'd toss some logs into the old coal bin after school just to lend a hand. Heat from a woodstove is a special kind of warmth... it warms you up in a way a furnace or gas or steam just can't. Fond memories... warmth to my heart <3

The lovely panther belongs to my friend, Gin (Ginpanther)

Artwork © Margo A.

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    I think this turned out beautifully!

    We have a lovely wood stove in our basement that was our main source of heat for a few years when it was in our kitchen. I loved cooking over it too, such a warm bright heat <3 like nothing else

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      Thank you <3 I was frustrated with the way it came out on camera though.. No matter how I messed with the settings, it just wouldn't more accurately reflect the physical media. Ah well, I tried.

      Woodstoves are the best. You absolutely know if someone uses a woodstove to heat their home the moment you want in... it just feels warmer, more hearty and snug. Gas just... no. I've never cooked over a woodstove though.. probably superior as well :3