2015 Price List by Menageriecat

2015 Price List


4 August 2015 at 10:12:37 MDT

Whoooooooa nelly, this took me a couple days to make this, mostly due to consistent "the program has become unresponsive" thanks to my apparent need for more RAM.

Anywho, I've updated my price list for the year! There wasn't much of a price change, and each category received updated artwork!

My Work ToS

Feel free to ask questions or ask about quotes or what not :) I'm more than happy to work with an amount you have in mind! I also occasionally pump out YCH auctions or specially priced commission slots that are below the above listed prices! These are announced via journal announcement and are often listed on Furbuy as well as here on Weasyl.

Please keep in mind that I'm strictly a clean artist, and will NOT do any NSFW work. The only exception which has been made are the rare pin up comms, which remain conservatively dressed. I also will NOT render licensed characters (MLP, Pokemon, etc), as I don't like to "piggy back" off of the success of others.

All images are © Margo Anderson
Characters represented in this price list are © to their respective owners.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital