I Broked It by Menageriecat

I Broked It


24 June 2015 at 18:26:45 MDT

So after returning home today from physical therapy for my back, I smashed one of my pinky toes into a board... and broke the toe >.<

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    Oh no! Get better soon, I broke my big toe before it hurts ;;_;;

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      This is the third time I've broken one of my toes >.< First time was when I kicked the spokes of a bike tire, the second was when a wave pushed me down as I was wading to shore, and this time from ramming right into one of my big canvas frames >.< it THROBBBBBBBBS SO MUCH

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    Ouch ... I almost hate fav'ing this but you caught the feeling perfectly.

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      I can't help but giggle every time I look at this >.<

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    I've done that twice to my pinkie toes. Both of them. And the same exact way and place. XD

    When I was in grade school I was running out to the playground and tried to run up the concrete steps and smashed my foot into the raised concrete around the hand rail. A year later I did it again going DOWN the same stairs. I was all like "STAIRS. I DON'T TRUST YOU. >:| "

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      Good lord >.< Those stairs sounds like they had something out for you. I had a similar thing when I was in 6th grade, only it was me constantly twisting my ankles on a certain hill on the playground :U