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I'm back!

on 24 February 2017 at 09:47:48 MST

Hello Watchers,
Though you are few, I do appreciate you. (huhu that rymed.)

Some of you may be wondering why I'm just uploading everything now.. Well I've been neglecting Weasyl, and that needs to change, because this really is a great site.
My main art site is still FA - however I will be uploading new work here along with updating you on commission openings and YCHs.
A lot of my 'older' art will stay on FA, but I'll be uploading SOME pictures I've down in the last 6 months here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask

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    Hope you had a good week and have a great weekend!

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      Ive been in Valdosta since Tuesday at a race. Today its rainy, but ill be here till tomorrow. Hope you had a good one. ^^

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      I'll just reply here. Haha.
      Its a drag race, we have a 347ci pro charged mustang with small heads. We've already gone through one round of slims, won and stuck in the hotel today. Tomorrow we'll continue racing, and hefully win.

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    Hi there, thank you kindly for following, I appreciate it! Beautiful work, by the way :)

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      You think so? Thank you so much, your sculpts are fabulous, I've been trying myself but I can't quite get it to mold in my fingers.

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        That's neat that you're giving sculpting a try! It does take some experimentation to find the sculpting sweet spot. What kind of clay do you use?