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Fatcorgionyx Bust Comm by Melii

Fatcorgionyx Bust Comm


8 March 2014 at 21:15:19 MST

Fatcorgionyxi's bust commission~

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    oh my golly GOSH
    i am sooo glad i took up on this offer now while i saw it around, jessuuuss LOOKIT THIS PICTURE GAH <33
    this is literally perfect, no words omfg ---
    everythings perfect about this! the hair style the markings the anatomy and structure, the eyes the shading the pose the EXPRESSION JESUS
    i love everythin about this im sorry to ramble but thank you so darn much for this, hhhh i love it ahh best $5 / £3.50 i ever spent!! ^.^

    if i ask rlllyyy nicely with a cherry on top and puppy eyes, if i may add my name in fancy writing to the bottom of this, and print it to use as a badge? :3 id keep your signature on it ofc <3

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      Of course~
      I suppose I see art commissions as 'technically the commissioner paid for it, so they can do what they want with it'. Except, you know, claiming it as their own... xD
      But I don't think that's your intention at all, no worries.

      I could actually turn it into a badge for you, if you'd like. I mean, putting your name on it and stuff, unfortunately I don't have a printer...
      I do have a laminator and clips though. lol

      So, if you'd prefer to do it yourself, by all means, go ahead with what you'd like to do.
      I'd love to see it when it's done thought~ I love seeing what others can do with my art and stuff. ^ ^

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        same here, with the same exclusions to the rule x3 naw of course not ^.^ i posted it to my deviantart and mentioned you all over the description with links n all <3

        that'd be swell, but would it cost extra? i dont mind paying couple extra dollars more for the badge upgrade if so ^.^ ive got a printer and a laminator and all the works so id do all that bit, no worries! <3
        ill probs do a badge edit myself anyway, just to see how it comes out, but most likely will take up on the offer of having it badge converted for a bit extra <3

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          I was actually going to day I'd do it for free. ^^;;; Is that too ridiculous..???

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            0-0 really?
            not ridiculous, just surprising! seeing as your badges and the way you do them are gorgeous, i especially love this one -
            the checkers and the font, and the fact you actually include the loop at the top like i do!! makes it so much nicer in the finished print ^.^
            thats lovely of you ta!! :D i dont mind even putting like, a dollar towards it if you like!

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              Alrighty. ^^;
              I can do it~

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                if youre sure!! ^.^ may i ask if the background of it, whatever pattern used, could be a shade of light blue? <33
                and im thinking of giving you a couple quid anyways just as a gift, because i read the journal about your dear Marcel that you posted a day ago, must be so heart breaking for you ;^; so, might just do it anyways