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❥ Heya! I’m Kae, a 25-year-old rambly mentally ill grey-pansexual transmasc enby who spends his days drawing, playing vidya games, watching YouTube, listening to music and ranting a lot. o/


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    thanks for the follow!

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    thanks for watching! nice art ya got here :}

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      No problem! I love your arts. x3 I'm having fun on here already, so many artists I've not seen on any of the other sites. :D Either this is unknown or the other sites treated these peeps wrongly or something. o3o; tis weird. Or this community is just that good. ^^

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        whoa youre someone that gives a decently sized response to my thanks! dont see that often :3
        aw thanks a bunch<3 yea theres a nice variety here! i dont have furaffinity so heres pretty exclusive B} FA is run by a loada cunts so when ya say the other sites treated these peeps wrongly - yea, pretty much! weasyl's community is run by genuine people and the community, while smaller in number, is polite and friendly and never had a bad experience on here :} hope you enjoy it ^.^

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          Hahaha, I like responding to people. :P People are cool and nice. :O And yeah, FA has just been going waaay downhill the past few years. x.x; It's pathetic, really, and only shows furries in a bad light because of all the drama that comes from it. Because of FA, people instantly think drama when they think furry now. That and the porn, but moreso drama. Fursecution, waaaah! I can't even count how many times I've heard that one I swear haha. I'm glad Weasyl has already proven to be much better. :3 I gave up on FA long ago, and moved to IB which ended up being horrible for me and totally not worth it. Ended up sticking with DA until I needed to find a new website to post my more NSFW stuff. Since finally my art is actually getting actively requested for once, I'm getting a lot more of those types. xD Thankfully this website doesn't have the stupid non-human-sexuality rule. I actually think I'm starting to love this site more than DA. :o And I've been on DA for years. xD Sorry for the long post, feeling randomly chatty. o3o Woo block of text!

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    Heeeey girl! Thanks for the watch. :3