BW:E Adventure 3 - Visit the Enchanter by Meg James (critique requested)

BW:E Adventure 3 - Visit the Enchanter (critique requested)

Meg James

9 September 2017 at 16:00:19 MDT

Adventurous Spirits guided Cecie back toward the Enchanter's hill, and due to somewhat flawed adventure plans Cecie's extreme stubbornness, the adventure sort of continued down one specific path from there.

Cecie proceeded up the hill, found the Enchanter's bag, and returned it to her! The Enchanter handed over Cecie's ordered enchantment matrix, as promised. This concludes Cecie's adventure, since they now have to go straight home and get to work installing that matrix on their elemental.

Congratulations on successfully guiding Cecie through their adventure!
For your efforts, you receive:

Enchantment (tile pattern)
Enchanting Encounter (music track)
Enchanter Super Icon Pack (25 icons)
The Art of Enchanting (Bottle World lore)

✨✨✨ Enchanting Encounter (music track) is also on YouTube for your listening pleasure!

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