Nothing Left to Lose by Megan Bryar

Nothing Left to Lose

Megan Bryar

30 December 2013 at 20:06:41 MST

Jess the revolutionary. She wasn't really very good at it. Nobody teaches a slave how to fight, and she really didn't give a damn who ended up ruling the city. All she wanted was her freedom, and to keep a few foolish, innocent people alive. It really isn't wise to back her into a corner, though. Not even Jess can miss at close range, and she isn't concerned about her own safety in the slightest.

Art belongs to Skidd:

Jessamine Bryar belongs to me.

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    Well, I hope for her best, even if her dress doesn't seem to be really conductive for fighting.. :-)

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      Well yes, but on the other hand she's been a slave in a brothel all of her life. I think she can be forgiven a bit of ineptitude in this arena.

      She actually does wear more sensible clothes in the actual novel, but at the time I commissioned this my best refs of her showed her in the dress.

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        She looks very cute in that dress, too. :-)