Wish You Were Us by Megan Bryar

Wish You Were Us

Megan Bryar

15 June 2018 at 14:49:57 MDT


Don't you?

Summer has always been Megan's favorite season. She loves the hot weather, the cold ice cream, the busy beaches and all the cute girls in bikinis. Not to mention the chance to show off some of her own collection. So when her friend Zal came to visit, of course she had drag him out to her favorite beach. Her home country of Viridis has the very best in the world, after all.

Witnesses say the two of them had a great time together, talking and laughing and causing various minor bits of mischief. Though nothing, of course, that would ever hold up in court. And when they saw you watching them, they just couldn't resist the chance to show off a little. And why not? Everyone knows they're the cutest duo on the beach!

Keen-eyed observers might notice that Megan seems to have borrowed Deborah's favorite bikini for this outing. Silly doe, you're not 18 anymore!

This was a gift from my dear, wonderful friend zwerewolf https://www.furaffinity.net/user/zwerewolf/ who owns the handsome Wolf-tiger on Megan's left.
His post: Pending

Art belongs to the amazingly talented cadmiumtea https://www.furaffinity.net/user/cadmiumtea/ and if you're not watching him you're missing out!
His post: Pending

Megan Bryar belongs to me.


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    AWWW, this is like, the perfect beach shot. :)

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      Isn't it? I just asked for something kind of cute and friendly and Cadmium knocked it out of the park! He even got the height difference right and actually drew Megan to look like the shorty she is, which is awesome. Though those big ol' ears of hers do help make up the difference a bit.

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        Rabbit ears, cheating on driver's licenses since who knows when. :)