Family Picnic by Megan Bryar

Family Picnic

Megan Bryar

23 August 2017 at 10:24:43 MDT


One of the greatest pleasures of summer is the simple picnic, and there's no better reason to have one than to spend time with your loving family. Here we have Ciara, Fiachra, Liane and their children enjoying the sun and shade and a little wine in a lovely not-so-little park on the island of Viridis. Ciara relaxes in the cool grass with her head pillowed on Liane's lap, while Liane lovingly feeds her grapes one at a time. Which, I suppose, shows that foxes have learned a thing or two since Aesop's day! Meanwhile, Emer and Rebecca play frisbee together while Fiachra sips on a glass of wine and watches her family with a proud smile. A fleeting moment of peace on an island where adventures waits around every corner, but all the more precious for that fact.

Dramatis Personae (left to right):

Fiachra O'Malley, Queen of the rabbit-controlled city-state of Oseille
Sister-in-law to Ciara and sire of Rebecca, close friend and sometime lover to Liane

Ciara Lohan, Queen of the fox-controlled city-state of Cearnach
Sister-in-law to Fiachra and mother of Emer, close friend and sometime lover to Liane

Liane Rabbitfangs, an all around wonderful and beloved friend
Mother to Rebecca and sire to Emer, close friend and sometime lover of Fiachra and Ciara

Princess Emer Elaine Lohan, heir to her mother's throne
Daughter of Ciara and Liane, and half-sister to Rebecca

Princess Rebecca Rabbitfangs, her to her sire's throne
Daughter of Fiachra and Liane

And a sneaky dinosaur in one corner, who is attached to no-one, but who certainly likes the wine!

Art belongs to the wonderfully talented saltypaw
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Liane Rabbitfangs belongs to lianer
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Fiachra O'Malley and Ciara Lohan belong to MeganBryar

Emer Lohan and Rebecca Rabbitfangs are shared characters who belong to both lianer and MeganBryar