How She Says "I Love You" by Megan Bryar

How She Says "I Love You"

Megan Bryar

21 May 2017 at 18:06:05 MDT

It's no secret that Grace is quite free with her affections, particularly on the physical level. It's quite literally her job these days. But there are still those she feels a special connection to, and one of them is her girlfriend Bleu. The two of them met through their mutual relationship with Fiachra and they have only grown closer since. Of course, there are those who whisper that a mere militia captain has no business being with a queen, even a fallen one. And there are those who will mutter that someone like Grace has no business being with a respected officer like Bleu. Neither Bleu nor Grace are inclined to care, however. They're much too busy enjoying each other's company.

A little something cute for my buddy Grace and me. I was in the mood for something romantic for a change, and Zoey did a truly amazing job with bringing my idea to life. If you haven't watched her yet, you really should at least take a look at her art!

Art belongs to the amazingly talented Zoey03
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    There's just nothing to describe this other than adorable and a half. ;)