Mushroom Hunting by Megan Bryar

Mushroom Hunting

Megan Bryar

19 April 2017 at 08:21:02 MDT

Niamh loves mushrooms. She has always been fascinated by the seemingly endless variety of them, from the ones that are good to eat to the ones that are best simply admired. She often grows her own, and she finds the basements and cellars of Cearnach Castle quite handy for those purposes. But she much prefers to go out in the surrounding forests and find them in the wild. She will sometimes walk for miles in search of her delicate treasures, and it looks like she has made quite a find today!

Art belongs to the very awesome and talented iko
Her post: Pending

Niamh O'Malley belongs to me.

Please DO NOT feed mushrooms to real rabbits. They are poisonous to real rabbits!


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    They're so tasty. :) I bet dinner tonight is going to be delicious!

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      It certainly will be! Niamh can work magic in the kitchen!