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Hey, Lookit! Treasure! by Megan Bryar

Hey, Lookit! Treasure!

Megan Bryar

Jen: Hey, look what I found! I think it's pure gold!

Emer: Don't touch that, you little idiot! I said don't...

And then there was much shouting and un-ladylike language as the two of them learn the hard way why you should always, always, always check for traps first. Despite their tender years, both Emer and Jen have made something of a name for themselves as budding young adventurers, so of course it only seemed natural for them to team up to tackle some of the tougher dungeons scattered around their island home. They actually make a pretty good team, but they've got a ways to go before they're ready to run with the pros.

Art belongs to cosmicvanellope
Her post: Pending

Jen O'Malley belongs to and is the child of characters belonging to gracethegoldenfurred and meganbryar
Grace's post:
With many, many thanks to her for commissioning this lovely little picture.

Emer Lohan belongs to and is the child of characters belonging to Rabbitfangs ( ) and meganbryar


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    I love how Jen is just so OOOOOOH! and Emer is so OMFGNO!

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      Oh, the expressions are really what makes this piece, I think. The artist did an amazing job with both of them, and it shows so much without a word having to be spoken. Though I do have to wonder how Emer got to be so rational and level headed given who her parents are!

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        I mean, you really can't blame Jen for being OOOH SHINY nor can you blame EMER for being OMG NO!!!! LOL